” on a path of least resistance…” one of LoveAcceptance, Appreciation, and Responsibility.


for some reason whenever I remind myself that I should be taking care of my self-image and keeping it positive & confident, I somehow keep myself from drifting away in my head, keep my thoughts from going out of control wandering out too far away causing me to lose touch with the world.

I think this is what keeps me conscious and focused on my day to day activities because it helps me keep my head in the game and just helps me focus on what is important and abstaining from certain impulses.

It prevents me from day dreaming or shifting to this kind of subconscious state of mind where I act based on instinct rather than consciousness.

After having been exposing myself to the life of being social, after JSA, I have been hanging out with people a lot more lately and my classmates a lot more. I have been doing what they do and stuff and lowering my expectations and opening myself up to new perspectives and beliefs.

Yet, I still have an idealistic self.

I noticed I still set a goal to read an hour every night but that was when not as many things happened for me. That was when I barely hung out with anyone. I think it’s time to break that “goal” or whatever. Call it a distraction that will prevent me from opening up to more opportunities for friendships and new activities.

I will not read “an hour a night” or read time magazine every week if I don’t need to. I will if I feel like it but it is just unnecessary to put that bond upon myself. Maybe later when things are more stable, but for now, in such unstable circumstances regarding my emotions and school, i’ll choose to leave it be to a future tme period. For now I will just focus on what’s most important which is my school work and preparing for my AP exams and at the same time enjoying and taking care of myself. That’s all I need to think about right now. 😉