About the newspaper…

July 13, 2009

I noticed something distinctive about the newspaper: It always includes several minute and microscopic details that some brains can’t pick up on.

An idea arose in me to start a newspaper on Saipan targeted towards a younger generation of minds less accustomed to reading. Why not start a newspaper that includes the same content and news going on, but one that the younger readers can easily pick up on? Why not expose younger people to things going on in the world so that there is a better connection between youthhood and adulthood?

This idea will undergo incubation in my mind as for the time being. đŸ™‚


Brain Leverage

July 3, 2009

Why is it that, regardless of who a person is, he might never accomplish all he wants done?

Before broaching this topic, an anolgy must be constructed: Imagine… the U.S. Government with all its power… or with its limited power… or its tiny limited power that prodigious crowds in America can easily defeat.

The Government can have all the power it needs in a country by modifying the primary foundations that make a country what it is; or, the Government can have no power at all where citizens, or rather, factions of citizens, are the ones who indeed run the country instead.

Just like the Government, there is another concept that has very similar leverage in what it affects.


Time is one of the most malleable concepts imaginable.

Time weaves out the structure of life and flows throughout all of life’s activities. What constitutes of Your Own Time is what you make out of it. Just like Government, you can make everything out of Time, or Nothing.

Thus, Time is also a Tool – a Tool that can be used to accomplish what you want when you want it.

During any activity in the day, you can think of what you are currently using your Time for and think of what other possibilities, which may be better, you can use this time for.

This is a hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly exercise that help you increase the leverage of accomplishment within an amount of time.

With unending practice towards mastery, with hard persistent work through the blood sweat and tears, and with the true and uncompromising dedication of one who is completely alive, You, and You alone, will possess this mysterious and abstract yet powerful and useful Tool equipped and ready: For Your Use