and something that has been supported by my life experiences is that the possibilities are endless.

so im not as surprised when something surprisinglky bad – or good – happenes… i always try to remember that there are possibilities outside my imagination that can occur in reality.


when friends are sharing thoughts and ideas with me and persuading me their opinion, and I feel somethings off with their opinions and beliefs. I feel it. It’s nothing to see, for me at least. I Feel it.

And thank god I remember feelings. I can remember, what makes sense to me. What makes sense to my rational logical mind.

And what is such a fucked up human tradition, or opinion, or belief, with no solid basis.

Thank god feelings have such an unusual power such as this (expert retention when necesary).

my inital beliefs about values, life, morality.. etc…

During high school, being classmates with similar peers for four straight years, – let me add, classmates who have such different values, interests, and desires in life from me – I have questioned all my beliefs that I have spent my whole life (before high school) building. I started to question my values of honesty, open-mindedness, perserverance – about caring about people,,, about loving to learn, about all that.

My peers have forced me to be so uncertain,, so uncertain about what I have been so convinced about.. that learning was vital to living a good life… that principles are important in life.. things started to matter less because of the class I have been stuck with.

But thank god. I was right all along.

This uncertainty, and confusion… It was all unnecessary…

My beliefs… They have stood strong, confident, shining… throughout and past the end of this mess.. this mess of my youthful years.. – this high school experience-

or.. a different frequency/vibration as I might refer to it now..

So, if I listen to low frequency music, I’d think (and as a result act) differently, from if I listened to higher frequency music..

or positive as opposed to negative.

or etc…

Harmony is only ideal, I believe. It happens, in the best cases of life, only.

But disharmony is generally inevitable. There will always be conflicts throughout your life experiences.

If one can’t experience harmony between him/herself and his/her environment, and one seeks to experience it, he/she can and should experience harmony in his/her mind through a “flow activity” – setting a measurable goal to take steps towards WITHIN the disharmonious environment (ideally to foster harmony within the environment, but if not, then some goal he/she desires to move towards.)

What is life?

April 27, 2010

In life, there is no ultimate award to be sought, no special achievements to be obtained, no sole objective to be reached…

Life is long, tedious war to be fought

a lengthy, changing journey to be experienced

a Feeling, a Rarity, a Privilege of a thing to be enjoyed and loved (for nothing else can justify it) all the way through…

all my thoughts are absorbed into my subconscious mind.

More recent thoughts play more powerful roles in your thought processes.

The more attention you’ve paid to those thoughts, also, the more powerful they are.

Thus if you immerse yourself in certain thoughts, daily, they will be more likely to repeat the next day. And even more likely the next day – with infinite potential, based generally on how many times you’ve thought it.

If you’ve been immersing yourself in negative thoughts, they will be more likely to repeat again.

As with more positive thoughts, the same thing goes.

Something also pointed out by the movie “The Law of Attraction”.