Simplicity… is Key.

June 30, 2010


Do not be afraid to do what you love, or even be embarrassed doing it:

Life is not worth living, not doing what you love.

If there is reason to believe you should stop doing that which you love, because some people really hate what your doing, or are really bothered by, for example, your singing, then you may stop if you believe that is the best choice.

But otherwise, don’t be afraid. Sing if you love singing. Who’s gonna stop you? Who cares if people think you’re weird? The only basis that base that conclusion on is that you love something they don’t love, which is virtually equivalent to no basis at all. It doesn’t matter if people think you weird – What does matter is that you’re living life to the fullest – and doing what YOU LOVE – despite the weight of other people’s opinions.

Now I’m thinking of the option that I have to quit my job..

I’m listening to in flame come clarity and thinkng about how I’m not really progressing towards things I really want in life in the job I have right now…

I want to do something in line with what I want.. something I’m intensely interested.. that is what summer is for.. that is what my ideal summer would be like….

I want to quit this job so I can go back to my routine, with exercise and reading…. more time to focus on recording my dream journal, or lucid dreaming, or astral projection..

or writing.. or exploring my creative ideas.. or whatever the hell I feel like doing………………..

– I wonder what the negative consequences might be if I do decide to quit. – hmm

-Bad impression?

law of attraction

June 23, 2010

In the past, when trying out the law of attraction in real life, I have always tried either to try out all the concepts of the law of attraction in all of my activities, or try out none of the concepts and went my own way in living.

It was an all-or-nothing approach.

I propose that I should rather try a combination of the two and see if that works the best, since I have been doing well in my own way of living lately, but still believe there is progress to be made.

This combination consists of continuing the way I am living now, in addition to picking and choosing certain concepts of the law of attraction (like thinking about what you want and feeling how much you want it in order to motivate you to take action on that which you want- and FOCUS on what you want, don’t get distracted by other unnecessary thoughts of feelings (e.g. of discontentment or anger, etc…)) and applying only the ones you think you will benefit from most to your life…

the one where no problems existed unless I allowed them to exist.

So they did not exist..

The one where I remained infinitely creative and positive, appreciative of life.

The one where I so overflowed with contentedness and satisfaction.. that I’d always be willing to give without expecting anything in return.

Those were the good days…

I want to think the way I used to think in those days.

I want to listen to the music I listened to in those days, when I ceased to be satisfied with the knowledge I had in life, and life’s many wonders kept kindling my fire of curiosity.

I had a burning desire to live, learn, and understand.

Let me become, again, who I was once.

A truly happy person. With no purpose other than to feel good, feel the love surrounding him, and sharing that love with everyone else…

Let me first off say that i am no desperate person who feels short changed in life or can’t enjoy life enough. I definitely can enjoy life very much and I do. The only thing is that I want to get the most out of my life and am always looking for new ways to enhance my enjoyement of it. Thus, I look to new ideas, and beliefs.

Because I am in no way, short changed by life, I am completely content with life and i am thus not looking to adopt beliefs of the secret for ther wrong reasons.

The reasons I am looking to adopt the beliefs of the secret are a few:

  1. 1. I believe it will maximize my enjoyment of each moment of my life
  2. I believe it will maximize the efficiency in which I perform tasks which are in line with what I want or like in life
  3. I believe I will bring in good things into my life, without even having to try, through sharing with everyone I interact with what my goals in life are, and the good things that I appreciate from them
  4. I believe that I will become “a better person” to people around me, including my family, in my open-heartedness in life and through my willingness to appreciate all the good qualities that they have, all the good things they are doing…
  5. It eliminates, most, if not all, tension that comes with daily life/strivings. There’s no tension between people. You either get along with the good people you’re around, and/or you’re not around those bad people. You have good karma with people because you’re always focusing on their POSITIVES.

“How do you know that trusting what you want and thinking only of that which you want is the best idea? What if what you want is something bad?”

Because it won’t be bad. It will be associated with only positive feelings because those are the only feelings you allow in your body, and no biologically normal human being will feel good when people are being hurt and negative emotions are being sent out.

Humans inherently know what’s bad and good. They are just sometimes not afraid to do something that will turn in incredibly good, or more so, incredibly bad.

Also, by trusting what you want and solely thinking of that which you want, everything you’re doing will be reason to continue forward in life, progress, and proceed to coming closer to that which you want, because you want it.