July 19, 2010

The path of personal growth (to greater health) is an uphill struggle . . . with no end, and, therefore, no limit.

continue to push yourself, relentlessly, and feast on the fruits of your toil. Remember this taste – The taste of Success!!!

(Note: I was actually thinking about exercising when I wrote this, lol.)


a time to throw out your previous beliefs out the door, synthesize new information to throw out more useless beliefs out the door, and to keep the ones that are either vital to your survival or most important to you.

College is a time, to NOT be yourself. to BE influenced by different people whether you like it or not, and to BECOME ANEW – hopefully without losing your own individuality though.

I mean, this movie got me to question my whole life perspective. And I always need some of that. I must watch it again. So that I can learn something new, and correct those which I believe to be “flaws”  – or better – characteristics that can be improved.

Every single one of us affect the reality that we see. Even though one of us hide from that and try to play victim. We ALL are doing it!