why do I want to quit my job.??

June 24, 2010

Now I’m thinking of the option that I have to quit my job..

I’m listening to in flame come clarity and thinkng about how I’m not really progressing towards things I really want in life in the job I have right now…

I want to do something in line with what I want.. something I’m intensely interested.. that is what summer is for.. that is what my ideal summer would be like….

I want to quit this job so I can go back to my routine, with exercise and reading…. more time to focus on recording my dream journal, or lucid dreaming, or astral projection..

or writing.. or exploring my creative ideas.. or whatever the hell I feel like doing………………..

– I wonder what the negative consequences might be if I do decide to quit. – hmm

-Bad impression?


2 Responses to “why do I want to quit my job.??”

  1. Devin Yoshimoto said

    whoa hold on…dream journal…lucid dreaming and astral projection…

    those sound like all things you do AT NIGHT…

    haha how does your day job interrupt those things??

  2. well if I have a day job, that takes away time from important tasks, like preparing the materials for scholarship applications and taking care of car problems.

    It just limits me with what I do with my time…

    Anyway, this post was just a fleeting thought, and something that leaves my mind after a good night’s rest.

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