I want to come back to my spiritual self again

June 23, 2010

the one where no problems existed unless I allowed them to exist.

So they did not exist..

The one where I remained infinitely creative and positive, appreciative of life.

The one where I so overflowed with contentedness and satisfaction.. that I’d always be willing to give without expecting anything in return.

Those were the good days…

I want to think the way I used to think in those days.

I want to listen to the music I listened to in those days, when I ceased to be satisfied with the knowledge I had in life, and life’s many wonders kept kindling my fire of curiosity.

I had a burning desire to live, learn, and understand.

Let me become, again, who I was once.

A truly happy person. With no purpose other than to feel good, feel the love surrounding him, and sharing that love with everyone else…


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