people always said that staying positive is the key to success… What makes that different in the case of life? (Why I think using the secret is a good idea)

June 17, 2010

Let me first off say that i am no desperate person who feels short changed in life or can’t enjoy life enough. I definitely can enjoy life very much and I do. The only thing is that I want to get the most out of my life and am always looking for new ways to enhance my enjoyement of it. Thus, I look to new ideas, and beliefs.

Because I am in no way, short changed by life, I am completely content with life and i am thus not looking to adopt beliefs of the secret for ther wrong reasons.

The reasons I am looking to adopt the beliefs of the secret are a few:

  1. 1. I believe it will maximize my enjoyment of each moment of my life
  2. I believe it will maximize the efficiency in which I perform tasks which are in line with what I want or like in life
  3. I believe I will bring in good things into my life, without even having to try, through sharing with everyone I interact with what my goals in life are, and the good things that I appreciate from them
  4. I believe that I will become “a better person” to people around me, including my family, in my open-heartedness in life and through my willingness to appreciate all the good qualities that they have, all the good things they are doing…
  5. It eliminates, most, if not all, tension that comes with daily life/strivings. There’s no tension between people. You either get along with the good people you’re around, and/or you’re not around those bad people. You have good karma with people because you’re always focusing on their POSITIVES.

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