If i want to reminiss about my past

May 25, 2010

all I need to do is listen to mr.jones by counting crows, or heres to the night by eve 6, or the album Clarity by Jimmy eat world, or the album In keeping secrets of silent earth by Coheed and cambria.. or…

they all.. they all just get me in to that feeling, that mood, that state of mind, that I’ve been in, consistently and constantly, in my past… in my high school years…

totally.. reflects me.. my past.. me in the past.

coheeed… what I listened to, when I was terribly depressed…. ‘d just go outside at night… walk to the joeten parking lot, maybe get a drink, maybe not… and sit… maybe on a parking stop, or on the benches along joeten… relax… feel the evening breeze… listen to coheed… relax…. let my thoughts get lost, in the vibration, in my ear, in the music…..


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