(I don’t need this shit…)

May 21, 2010



how can I put this without being personally biased, overly emotional, or without overstating this…

these two classmates can be dicks.

Just cuz I call them dicks doesn’t exactly mean they are, just that, sometimes, they act like it to me,.. at times… too much for me to take it. too much for me to fucking take it.

I don’t know, other times they just seem like awesome people to hang out with. But when I don’t want to do something with them, or have other plans for myself I guess.. that’s when they start talking (little, not that bad) shit..

I guess it’s just they don’t want to be hanging out with someone who doesn’t like to do the things they do, and as a result, rightfully, tension results. Conflicts arise. A division and wall is made… (“Good walls make good neighbors” – Robert Frost).

They need to be out of my life, generally.

I need to be out of theres.

So it seems.

So it will be.


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