hate is never justified. (when one wants to ATTRACT support, GIVE support, and BE dynamic [and move forward].)

May 14, 2010

hate is never justified.

it never gathers power ( in most situations ) except for when people view it as a good thing- or in other words – if people like/love hate.

But all that gathers power is that which people like/love.

In general, You can’t hate and lure in power from that hate.

You can only lure in power from liking/loving. That is where the attraction is. Hate is what repels things.

Thus, it is never justified (if one wishes to attract support.)

eh: Of course, depending on the environment. If it is a very hateful environment, everyone will hate each other, and everyone will have to support themselves, defend themselves, and keep the power to themselves. MINIMIZING the potential power and significance of the group as a whole.

Whereas in very loving/liking environment, everyone will like/love each other, everyone supports each other, defends each other, shares power with each other. MAXIMIZING the potential power and significance of the group as aw hole.

And liking/love is attraction.

Bottomline: THUS, IF ONE wants to ATTRACT support, GIVE support, and BE dynamic [and move forward], HATE will CEASE ANY PROGRESS. (AND WHEN ONE DOES NOT PROGRESS, HE, IN RELATIVITY, REGRESSES.)..


Life Example:

For example. At one point in senior year, I decided to participate in the activities that a group of friends in my class did during free time, as opposed to working hard in school. I thus became “friends” with them. One friend, I hung out with much more than the others. He borrowed money from me. I trusted him. I also shared with him certain personal things. But, of course, the money has not been repaid. And I have always questioned whether he disclosed certain personal information of mine.   I, Naturally (probably for most humans), regressed into distrust of his ability to follow up on certain things I trusted him. Indeed it affected me, causing me to feel very uncertain and unsure of myself when he requested my trust on things. Such is a bad situation to be in, and a situation that is challenging to resolve. You have two options: 1) do your best to find a solution to the problem, or minimize the negative aspects of it 2) put an end to the type of relationship you have with the person that causes you uncertainty, or just to the situations that cause the uncertainty (while still possibly maintaining the relationship).

So. You may live with the uncertainty and partial distrust.

Or if possible, you may look to other possibilities and other relationships away from that friend, and find a friend who you can trust, if you’d like to have a friend that you can trust.


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