At this mindset, I normally wouldn’t blog this

May 5, 2010

but I will for the sake of remembering.

Today was an interesting day. I’ve had a climax of how much I would hope my classmates would change and how much shit, criticism, and cynicism I would take.

I make one negative comment to a classmates. He already feels the urge, and most flamboyantly shows it, to beat me up.

I decided I’ve taken enough shit. I’m going to throw my emotions and feelings and hopes down the drain. School is not a civilized metropolis, it is the Gobi Desert. There are no morals. There are no values. It’s basically survival of the fittest. Or that’s what it seems to be when everyone can’t help but throw insults and criticisms at one each other – for entertainment – while the rest in the class watch, as if it was one of the gladiator fights in Rome.

The way I am now – “manly” “independent” – the way I completely accept the uncivilizedness of the people around me, and interact with them, displaying that acceptance – I now function harmoniously in this tilted, abnormal environment, where man has to fit the role of stereotypical men and vice-versa for women.

I’ll let myself be this way. Things run a lot smoother. Less friction. Healthier – for myself.


2 Responses to “At this mindset, I normally wouldn’t blog this”

  1. Devin Yoshimoto said

    I like this post…i have no idea what your talking about…but the writing is cool…your own voice is really starting to show in your writing when its filled with passion and emotion and it shows through the way you write…

    good post! fun to read.

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