What is happiness?

May 4, 2010

Well, I do believe that for a lot of other people, happiness is that feeling of the emotion of happiness. laughter, joking around, that kind of stuff.

For me, I believe, happiness is free of that physical (emotional) feeling of happiness.

When I think of or talk about happiness, I might probably mean that feeling of intense acceptance, appreciation, clarity and understanding. While I’m sitting on the cement bench on the sidewalk to joeten, feel the nice evening breeze blow across my face, look at the sky above the cars on the road, with the sun shimmering throughout and around the clouds, I realize that I’m part of this big picture of the world – and the universe. And that this moment is truly unique, and so am I. I am fortunate to have this ability to perceive this world, contemplate it, and be a part of it.

This intense feeling of understanding, unburdened by the (sometimes burdensome, or sometimes superficially uplifting) emotions of sadness, or happiness.

This intense feeling of understanding,

That is what I might refer to as happiness. A better way to put it, though, might be, fulfillment. =)


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