But another thing that is interesting about the last (previous) post (below) I just made:

May 3, 2010

It has increasingly become unclear where the boundaries lay between a student’s right to behave the way he/she wants and the teacher’s power and authority to control or manage this behavior of the students.

During senior year, I would guess, the class has increasingly become disobedient and inclined to act in their own individual ways, exhibit their own unique mannerisms, and fight for and defend their own individual and unique beliefs – —  THUS causing teachers to let loose the reins of control and authority a little more to give them the freedom to behave as they please. But the more teachers let loose these reins, the more these adolescent students are willing to push the limits and act their own way and behave the way they most please.

Because of this “letting loose of the reins”, students have been take advantage of this happily, and increasingly “undefining” the boundary between teacher control, and student freedom to act.

This is where my belief has spawned about being unsure of what actions are for sure “good” or “bad”. In my mind, it was quite vague, and thus I have increasingly been unsure about what to believe about the teacher’s authority, questioning their power and ability to manage my (and my classmates) behavior.

It is important to note, that the realization I have come to below ( that I have finally acknowledge the power of the authority and of myself). This realization is not completely true. It is a realization that I have come to as a result of the teacher exercising her power and authority over me (as a student) and thus HELPING me define how “freely” I am to act within school grounds.

Without such limitations, and clearly defined restrictions and inhibitions on the way I can act on school grounds, then, like it has often been during senior year, the power of the authority is questionable. and also the method they will use to react to your “pushing the limits of behavior” will be questionable, if any method exists at all, and if any action exists at all.

Bottom Line: I shall acknowledge the power of the authority when it becomes reasonable for me to believe that I should not take any significant risk that should allow the authority to exercise their power over me and punish and do hurt to me in one way or another. I shall not acknowledge the power of the authority when I believe I have the freedom to risk, and suffer from consequences/repercussions if necessary, to act in the manner that I please if it shall so benefit me more than cooperating with authority (and thus taking less risks) would benefit me.


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