There is an increasingly definite relationship being formed

May 1, 2010

There is an increasingly definite relationship being formed between school and its effect on people.

The more diverse, random, and intricate schools are, the more they will be able to foster a greater sense of understanding in the students who attend them, in general.

For high schools, today, do make an effort to study specific subject, but do not give a realistic picture of reality as it is. They must some how diversity, randomize, and increasingly introduce new things to students throughout their attendance of that school to foster a more diverse and realistic view of reality as it is with all the different types of possibilities it contains.

With people only focusing on learning specific subjects, it limits people. It limits people to understand only the topics they studied in school and also limits them to only put themselves in situations where it deals with the things they’ve studied – forcing them to avoid the huge number of areas they’ve not had much experience in, fostering, also, a very narrow view of reality as a whole and preventing them from achieving a powerful holistic and unified perspective on reality and life.


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