May 1, 2010

– Never take happiness for granted.
one should always know, in the back of his head, that there are always miserable, unprivileged, and poor kids suffering and starving elsewhere on the globe.
For if one remembers that, he/she shall truly appreciate the true value of his/her happiness, and possibly even use this positive energy to help portions of the world that are lacking this positivity.


– Never take sadness at face value.
although you may be quite sad at a moment in time, you have certainly had several positive and utterly happy, or hopeful moments that have brought you full satisfaction and fulfillment from living. Remember that these moments have thankfully and fortunately existed in your past. They are not lies. You have experienced them.

If you don’t take sadness at face value (don’t indulge in your feelings of self-hurt or suicide…… or even worse – distrust, hatefulness, fear, retreat from life) then you really move on to the more positive moments of life that await your future – where better opportunities, circumstances, and experiences await. You also prevent yourself from creating another wasted life on this planet earth. [There are so many wasted lives. I don’t believe life was solely meant to be enjoyed, nor do I believe it was only meant to be detested either. It was meant to be lived, only lived – personally I believe to be to embrace and remember the good moments, to help you live satisfactorily through the terrible moments and go on to more of those happy moments. But live for the happy moments, and I guess live in the hope that more of them will exist in the future, because generally they do exist in the future.]


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