Inference from listening to Jason Mraz – Details in the Fabric

May 1, 2010

I noticed the lyrics “If you’re shocked it’s just a cause of faulty manufacturing”. It’s an interesting belief in this song.


I find it really interesting that people typically believe things not based on truth.

It is usually based on selfish (not in a bad way, just in a way to take care of oneself and keep oneself healthy) reasons and reasons of personal attachment.

For example, the reason I thought of this was because of the lyrics I heard up top. A person isn’t shocked because he was “faultily manufactured” but because he was made to feel shock. Despite this truth, the lyrics possibly indicates that Jason Mraz chooses to believe that people get shocked because they were “faultily manufactured” in order to foster an acceptance of that feeling of shock – which otherwise these people would find it hard to accept, and harder to live through that state of shock.

Example 2:

A huge amount of people believe in God in their religion. And I believe a portion of them believe it, not only because they believe it is true (that a heaven exists with God)… But they also choose to believe it’s true because it helps them get through the hardships of life. It reminds them of something (even if it hasnt been proven true to them in their life).. hmm. Or they have interpreted things in reality to support this belief. But it can never be as true to them as gravity. It is still an abstract belief.

But the reason they hold on to the belief! is because it helps them! It gives them something to hope for when negative situations hit them.

Belief is selfish and personal. It is not objective nor founded on truth.

Belief’s only intention is to help humans live through life’s negative situations.

It is an interesting aspect of humans, considering their obsession with truth.

very interesting…

and I’m definitely very vulnerable to this “type of believing that humans do” too.


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