Wrestling with Curiosity

April 11, 2010

Curiosity drives learning.

It’s what taught us to feel and to learn as a child – what we have felt with tactilly, smelled, heard, saw, and tasted.

Curiosity is important, it comes directly from within.

But it should not be without the intermittently necessary sense of caution.

One should not peek into a dark hole in the ocean only to find his face bit by an eel.

Curiosity should be utilized with a sense of caution, with experience. Despite this, it is still an extremely important driving force for learning – for real substantial learning.

Curiosity is not just asking why and then intellectually finding an answer. Curiosity involves all of the senses, and all of the brain’s faculties that you brain deems is most important to holistically learning as much as you can about something – as much as you can of all the most important aspects of that thing.


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