selflessness vs. pride

April 11, 2010

This is my philosophy: Living selflessly is the best way to live. Living for pride is the worst way to live. (It is the quickfix, it is a mock-good-life; it is like living in fear rather than love – both very powerfully living, but one more powerful than the other.)

Also, being selfless is more challenging to do in general (relative to your circumstances and situation of course. There can be cases where being selfless is easier to do, but at this time in history, it seems to be the more difficult of the two.)
But when being selfless is achieved, it is stronger. It will be looked greater upon.

Pride is easier to achieve. Because it comes from you, and no one else. So it will attract less support when achieved, and will be looked worse upon.

Selflessness is a struggle, an achievement, an honor. It is success and eternal life.


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