the secret: the law of attraction – critique

April 4, 2010


the message the secret: the law of attraction is trying to get across is very simplistic. It’s not a bad thing. It’s good for simple-minded people. It gets the message across clearly to them. But for those that yearn for a deeper, stronger, more complex but more realistic and more true message, the secret: the law of attraction will not fulfill that yearning – that desire. It is too simplistic, to single dimensional, too … elementary for that.

If you do want a simple message, feel free to believe in its message wholeheartedly.

Quote: “When you’re in a negative vibration, the only thing you are going to attract is negative energy” (In the movie which they classify sadness as one.

But isn’t it true when a person is sad and feeling pessimistic about life, won’t he also be attracting sympathy? the sympathetic people?

When I’m sad, I attract my mom’s or my “aunt”‘s sympathy…. Isn’t that positive energy? Won’t that uplift me out of my negative state into a positive one?

So in reality, when I am in a negative vibration, I don’t necessarily attract negative thing. If I’m running around yelling at everyone and blaming the world for my misfortune – then sure I might piss everyone off. But if I’m in an introvertive negative vibration – I won’t be attracting negative energy will i? Not necessarily I don’t think..

The secret is ok. but it is not the best and ideal philosophy of life, which I once thought it was.

If referring to the most general of things, it is very true. But once again, one size doesn’t fit all. One philosophy doesn’t apply to all aspects of life.

I think what I find more true or at least, more applicable to reality is principles of living on the edge, something I’m currently reading and taking notes on. But then I again I could be partially wrong like I was about the secret. or I could not be.

The secret isn’t that bad, I’m mainly critiquing a little statement form the movie, not the movie as a whole cause something’s fucked up about my dvd – not playing well in my dvd player (but another dvd plays fine in it). strange. anyway.


hold on. I just saw another 2 seconds of the movie and had the urge to critique another statement – the polar opposite of the previous one.

When you’re in a positive vibration, the only thing you can attract are positive things??

Now there are many situations I can imagine where you are positive but attract negative things… That’s why, when I first watched this movie, I wanted to test it out, but while I was testing it out, I was debating the reasoning of the philosophies intermittently in my head…

When your positive and enjoying life, people might be pissed off. If you’re singing your heart out – positively – one might hate your voice and get pissed at you. or … if you’re enjoying life around pessimistic people, some might tell you to fuck off, or take your happiness/positivity/optimism elsewhere.

This movie totally promotes a simplistic view of life. That’s why I’m gonna put it to the side for now.




hmm… INSIGHT:::

~ maybe the reason I bought into it so easily was/is because I was (and still am) an adolescent, battling world views or life philosophies within myself…. and was open to new ideas or perspectives that I could not find elsewhere in my life (elsewhere as in outside of the movie). so I bought into the movie and wanted to see how it turned out. it turned out pretty well, but I’m qquite certain it won’t be well all the time. there will still be negative people you attract while you are happy, and you’ll be constantly questioning the philsoohpy.

Although they have some substantive pieces of advice like to be grateful about things you appreciate…. (of course that’s obvious) or to look at the positive aspects of other people you have a relationship with (which… isn’t always the best thing to do, but helpful if you’re in a struggling relationship) … as I was saying – although they have some substantive pieces of advice… it’s limited in its value in such a simplistic form of philosophy and reasoning… as I initially thought when I first saw the movie (but opened up to it to test it out –> and now I have and have reasons not to believe it)

yeah.. so the reason I bought into it…  Just my struggle to find some type of stable world view or lens through which to live in my world.

So the movie has certainly helped – it’s helped me to figure out what works and what doesnt work for me.

yup…  – bye bye “I, again, still want to live by The Secret: The law of attraction each and every day. ~it has helped me more than anything bring vision and clarity to my life~” hmm.. helpful, but not exactly realistic.

Bye bye paper.


2 Responses to “the secret: the law of attraction – critique”

  1. Devin Yoshimoto said

    yeah man.

    when i said it was bullshit, i wasnt referring to the specific advice it was giving, like about thinking postively. im sure there is good advice and helpful things about what the movie is saying.

    the part i had a problem with was the way the sold themselves so simply…just like you said. it struck me as totally disingenuous…oversimplifying in order to SELL…its all about the money and when a message is that simple and propped up with psuedo-scientific language…it sells to ALOT of people, whether or not the message is good advice.

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