So lately, I’ve pondered: Love and Helping Humans

March 24, 2010

Love, being the amazingly powerful and transformative emotion it is, brings up the question: Should it be the emotion to shoot for – to feel the most in your day?

Love is a powerful and transformative emotion. I wonder if it can change a group of people, filled with some pessimistic individuals?

I believe it can, if you use the emotion intelligently.(1) Share the love with those pessimistic individuals who need it. That is the first step but not the whole solution. Then you must figure out with the individuals really want. (Let us not be mistaken. What their ego or body wants is not their true soul’s desires.) Help them delve in deep within themselves to figure out what they truly want in life – and of course, that generally is happiness, joy, abundance – all that good stuff – in one form or another. (2) Thus, the second step – through love, in a loving state, guide them towards what their soul wants in life – towards all that good stuff – in a feeling of happiness and contentedness. :Remember happiness and joy is the priority – then comes achieving your soul’s desires:

To conclude: I think that pretty much sums up, so far what I have concluded, as the best way to use love and thoughtfulness to help others in the world.


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