God, Heaven on Earth, Light, Good…

March 23, 2010

I find that when you lose your ego, you may still find joy, happiness, love, and good.

Ego fights with your soul and spirit, forcing you do something about the beliefs and judgements you have, but all your beliefs and judgements do for your is serve to separate you from other human beings.

Ego is just a burden to be holding on to in life.

You don’t need ego, or pride, or confidence, to have a girl friend. Girls do love humble guys.

If you lose your ego, you feel a stronger connection with other people, and have less of a need and urge to fight those that do harm to others, but rather accept them as they are, as human beings, just like you.

Maybe you do find “God” however you have him defined by surrendering your ego and living with your soul. Going where life takes you, wherever is the least resistant pathway forward in life. Believing in hope, withholding from carrying the burden of anger, is a release from the burdens of life so that you can live it at its most fundamental level.

In addition: Exemplifying the good, when done on a major level, shows the bad people the way to good. thus they must surrender they bad ways and follow the light of good and hope.

Light defeats darkness…. It’s a fundamental physical and, thus, scientific, phenomenon.

Case in Point: Maybe God is not such a useless or pointless concept, and maybe the principles that support it are powerful principles that can be applied to one’s life.


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