Tyler’s Guide to Living

March 22, 2010


Accept then live and give;

–>Remove Ego to connect

In order to make the most out of life:

  1. Accept your circumstances:
    • …all the things that you don’t have… all the people that you don’t like… –> [Accept them.]
    • now… after you have accepted your circumstances…
  2. Lose your Ego.
    • Your ego… your desires, wants, needs… to be accepted, to be loved, to have things the way you want, to make the world the way you think is best…
    • Ego is an unnecessary burden.
    • Most people with a swollen ego tend to believe they have power over people, things, and circumstances, when they have virtually none.
    • Lose your ego, and the path you travel in life becomes a “path of least resistance,” – a very simple, and natural path, where you can achieve the most harmony with each step you take.
  3. Live.
    • Now you have nothing to worry about. You will accept those who treat you bad, the negative things that people call you, because you have accepted the way you are, what people think of you, and all such worrisome things.
    • You have accepted your circumstances.
    • And, now, you can truly live without worry and focus on things that make you happy.
  4. Give.
    • Give of yourself to the world, and receive the positive feedback that it responds with.
    • When you dedicate yourself to unselfish causes, you give to the world.
    • And when the world receives positive things from you, the world is inclined to pay it back.
    • Giving yourself to the world, instead of to selfish needs like greed, lust, and power, you immortalize yourself.
    • People will respect you, and love you, and want to give back to you.
    • Ironically, the giving up of one’s need to have money, sex, and control, leads to one’s gaining of it. ( I think? )

Anyway, those are just some of my thoughts today from my run, and from previous days. And all I had from my run to go on, was a small piece of scratch paper that said what I wrote in the beginning of this post:

“Accept then live and give

—> Remove Ego to connect”

But truly, what I have found, is that when you lose your ego… – give up your desire for money, sex, and power (or control over one’s circumstances), you really are able to progress throughout life much more easily and naturally. You live as if there was no burden in the world, but for you to remember to accept life, and appreciate the good things that you have…

~T.Y.~ (Tyler Yoshimoto; Thank You)


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