Now, the questions comes up: Why should we accept our own circumstances?

March 22, 2010

Why should one accept his/her own circumstances when he believes that there is a problem and he knows he can make a difference?

Because, often times, (at least for me), people are always eager to modify their behavior in order to make the environment he’s in better suited to his/herself.

Because of this, one feels that he/she must always respond to others’ negative actions to try to change them and make them positive.

The thing with this, is that the situation tends to be too complex. People are usually not easy to change. Of course there are those who easily submit to people, but then you always come across those who are very stuck in their own ways and not open to change.

For me: I usually ask questions about my environment when I don’t understand it, and struggle with these questions the whole day, in the vain hope that I will find an answer, but that inhibits progress.

I think the goal is to find a happy medium between questioning, but accepting (for the moment) to move forward.

It is good and healthy to ask questions about things you don’t understand in life, but (as for me) it is terrible to ask too many questions and to struggle too much and put too much stress on oneself to find answers to them when none are present.

It is also good to accept the environment to move forward and make progress. I’m not sure if it’s bad to accept things, and to never try to change people.

I have one question leaving this very messy stream of thought: Is it worthwhile to try to change people (including their behavior and actions)?

I think it’s worthwhile if you have strong connections with them. For example, if they’re your family, but then the question persists of how much you will be able to affect them? Are their ways much more important to keep, than taking your advice? Relationships are so so very complicated, that I have found it so much easier to accept people the way they are and not to try to understand them. It’s much much easier to just find those people that you get along with easily, understand well, so that you won’t undergo so much stress trying to figure the other person out…


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