Healthy Happiness vs. Self-Destructive Happiness

March 19, 2010

I love for a healthy happiness for myself, a positive outlook on life, a healthy self-image, and taking care of my own physical body.

As opposed to a self-destructive (and thus superficial) type of happiness that involves overloading on unnecessary pleasures and indulging on all the easiest pleasures to achieve like lust (or sex), greed, and other sources of fast-track pleasure… This kind of self-destructive happiness is stupid and only results in hurting you as you go along, (being happy, but unconsciously doing hurt to yourself as you go along).

This is why I have decided to avoid going to my friend’s birthday party, as it was already causing my feelings of uncertainty, anxiety, and worry about not fitting in and enjoying the activities I imagined they would be involving themselves in (drunking, dancing, going crazy and losing themselves in some type of hypnotic overpowering atmosphere of pleasuring oneself unconsciously, and drunkly) to manifest in my mind. I decided it was not an environment I would like to put myself into and would definitely cause negative feelings about life to arise in me. I decided it was more important to rescind an acceptance to an invitation to a type of party I have never really been to before with my peers, and that it would be worth any type of negative feelings that might arise against me. (but of course, these negative emotions will fade away right away. Mike may make a criticizing comment, like he always does, about me avoiding activities I don’t like participating in, like the ass hole he is every once in a while, but he will probably forget it by the next day, after he has had several drunks, gotten drunk, flirted, and had many lap dances to mesmerize his mind.)

So all in all, this decision should definitely be worht it :). I’m so glad I was able to come to this conclusion on my own,~~~~


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