February 28, 2010

Two choices laid open in the ocean,

I chose to swim with the current.

And that has made all the difference.

School is a very powerful, extremely overpowering current in society and the world. You can either choose to go against it where you have a microscopic chance to become one of the few out of a hundred thousand that make it, without a high school education. >> OR you can swim WITH this current, that you don’t even have suffer by doing. If you choose to swim along the current instead of against it, you don’t even have to put effort into living. When you’re going against the current, not doing anything the school wants you to do, you will be ridiculed and alienated by society, you will have a smaller chance of getting a job, and thus you separate yourself from the flow of the world. But if you choose to swim along with the current by just accepting school, its power, and what it asks of you, life becomes easier. You don’t have to fight against everything and feel terrible everyday.

Just accept school.

Go with the current.

It will make all the difference.


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