I get these thoughts

February 19, 2010

I get these spontaneous thoughts once in a while, of how I really want to do and learn something different, very deeply and intricately and use that knowledge to help people in new ways.

But I must remind myself, if I want to learn something, I have to make sacrifices- regarding pleaseure – hanging out with friends, playing computer, watching movies – in order to truly take strong and confident steps in the pathway towards learning.

Because it is more important for me to study and learn things myself, than be doing random arbitrary new things (because they take a lot of time). If I want to do new things, then they should at least be slightly related to my primary goals in life. I guess I’ve known that. But I should not spend too much time doing new things, if there are other MORE UGRENT and MORE IMPORTANT things to be doing for MYSELF and for MY FUTURE AND EXPECTATIOSN FOR MYSELF AND MY ASPIRATIOSN FOR MYSELF.


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