My TRUE SINGLE Purpose IN Life.

February 18, 2010

-My sole reason for living is to experience life at a deeper (more intuitive and soulful level)

–> and, in consequence,  to come to a deeper understanding of life, myself, the universe, and my role in the Big Picture.

this is the only thing that motivates me, to act, to breathe, to think, to live. If education directly related to how deeply I experienced life and came to a deeper understanding, I would totally be involved in it.

But there are other more efficient ways to come to this level of being.

and the reason it’s such an important end, is not only because it’s important to myself, but it lets me live at my full potential – exploring all corners of life, all the mysteries, and discovering all the infinite possibilities. I guess,. because i know intuitively that the world is infinitely complex, i  yearn to come to as close of an understanding to that infiniteness godlikeness of the universe (as a human possibly can) as I can.


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