My Confidence

February 17, 2010

The reason I have so much confidence in myself [in general] is because I can control myself and, in consequence, my thoughts.

–> I’m creative and if I can focus on my one-of-a-kind spontaneous thoughts – whether or not it’s realistic –  …. for some reason, I’ve had this inherent belief that if I focus on it & continue to focus on it and nothing else – I will get it.


My will power – I think – is an amazing characteristic of mine – powerfully useful if I get myself into deep shit. … and simultaneously believe I’m in deep shit. My beliefs, when fully formed, are strong and inherit virtually complete control of my mind when it is believed to be necessary. And this is a strong power/skill.


Is life showing us that the meaning of life is to work hard in school, in order to indirectly help society? (by forcing us to go in school & work citing their reason as “economy”?


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