You know what.?

February 14, 2010

I’ve always believed that diversity was good. it was perfect.

Translating to my belief that I should try everything – writing, painting, drawing, and I should try to master each of them (as if I could!!)

Fuck that. I can’t master everything even if I had all the time in the world. Sure I can try it out and enjoy it but I’d be out of my mind to believe I could master it. Sure anything is possible but is it really practical to try to master that? I mean, that’s a chance that on in a million people would have.

My revised goal – is instead to just do what I love. Try new things occasionally but, wtf? you don’t have to try everything. Maybe once a month you could do something new like hike, or scuba dive, or party and drink – but do it once in a month. Not weekly!

Instead do what you love weekly, like make drum covers, sing, guitar covers. creative things. I know you love that. In addition to doing what is necessary to building a comfortable future – which is doing well in school. and hopefully at least getting 3’s on each AP class. although it may count as a pass – it’s a reasonable goal.


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