December 13, 2009

Thus far I know in myself two mindsets that exist:

Idea-Oriented [Contemplative]

This is something that promotes the idealism in me and my abstract thought.

This is where I am involved with constructing theories and ideas… thinking about my values and morals and desires and needs and wants… and I think about how I should behave… yesterday, today.. or tomorrow..

I have no sense of time in this stage because I am too busy thinking of things in my head (that I spend no time thinking about or focusing on what I actually have to do in reality [outside my head]

I am thinking and lost in thought. Meditative. Idea-Oriented.

Task-Oriented [Focused on action & Thoughtless]

This is something that helps me get my idealism accomplished through concrete thought.

I tend not to be thinking and focusing on the task at hand, thoughtlessly, and knowing exactly what task I must accomplish next.

Here I have a better sense of time and know how long my tasks take. My mind is completely grounded and it’s not up in the air constructing new theories or anything like that.

I do. I act. I don’t think. I focus on the present, instead of the past and the future.

I am not involved with abstract thought. I am involved with concrete thought and pay attention to what’s in front of my face, not what’s in my head.

Task-Orientedness will help me get a pile of school work done with no problem at all.

Thoughtlessness. Sense of Time. Task-Oriented.


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