Never Forget: (that) Inner Happiness is the FUEL for SUCCESS!

December 12, 2009

and that if you were living the last 24 hours of your life, you would not have time to worry about problems in stressful relationships, or obligations, physical problems with your body or mind.

it simply would just be a waste of time. and you’d shift your mind from worrying to doing whatever you can within those limits and constraints.

And any negative that you’re observing in life… well just fucking trashing it away and ignore it. it belongs in the trash in your mind anyway…

And so.. if you want to find that inner happiness. Sing. Sing along to those songs you’ve spent weeks of hours singing in your past.. something that will suit what you feeling.. whether it’s screamo – avenged, atreyu, lamb of god, slipknot, or if it’s some thing else, incubus, vertical horizon, anberlin. sing, so you can find you inner creative spiritual happy giving self again… and from there you can start pursuing your goals once again.


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