My mind’s been so up in the air… when it should at least be touching the ground.

December 12, 2009

While I was talking to my dad about my dropping grades, my dad told me I needed to budget my time.

And I actually listened and took it to heart, instead of flinging his advice away, in a subconscious effort (cause I hadn’t realized it until now), to maintain my thinking about the secret and all of the explanations related to it.

I figure watching the secret and reading about the different laws in my dad’s principle book has got me thinking too much about how to set goals and how to think to the point where I spent nearly all my time thinking about it rather than thinking about what I actually want to be doing – doing work to get straight A’s, while maintaining time for running and reading at night and eating healthy.

Once my dad told me I needed to budget my time, I realized I was focusing too much on the different laws in the world (of polarity, attraction etc…) and I needed to focus on the actual task of doing – of what work I needed to do today.

As in Stanford, I need to focus on each day-to-day task instead of thinking about how to apply my life philosophies yesterday, today and tomorrow.

In the shower, instead of thinking about what “I promise” myself to be… I will think about ways I can write a really good ESSAY in a SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME~~~!!!

After I all: I truly want straight A’s… Don’t I?


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