This is on post I loved done on July 17, 2009 at 12:00pm at Stanford for NaBloPoMo

December 2, 2009




Routine – Routine is repetitive, boring, and NOT the way to go!

Here I am at studying at Stanford for the summer. This is a diversion from Routine. I’m here enjoying my summer attending a summer school studying politics and government. And today I, inspired by my daily dose of brain news, decided to take a more leisurely rather than intentional walk to the library. During my walk, I approached an interesting staircase with a nice view at the top of it. So I climbed the stairs unknowingly into a Native American clubhouse and walked around the seemingly empty building on the third floor. I twisted one of the doorknobs to see if I could get in. A pair of eyes through the window shocked me. Lol. Me – peeking into this place that I knew nothing about. That was a diversion from Routine, from the norm. Yet such a diversion excites a person. This diversion seizes one’s soul and shakes it until it has realized that Life was meant to be lived, until it has realized that it must Carpe Diem! (Seize the day!)

When you live life genuinely, you will be bound to be driven forward by the ubiquitous and omnipresent force of human spirit (and curiosity), inherent in every individual. You will be bound to grasp the reins of your body tightly, letting your mind carry you onward. You will dive into the heart and core of Life, and be inxorably bound to deviate from the norm, from repetition, from indifference, from straight lines… from Routine – The Black Antithesis of Life.


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