On Love… and Life. Certainties – and – Uncertainties

November 22, 2009

This goes out to everyone.

No matter where you are in life, in relation to other people, every has their own circumstances.

In life, in relation to love,

You can choose to love a girl.

And if she doesn’t love you, it’s a sad thing.


That’s because love is one of the most uncertain things in life. You can love a person but may not be loved in return.


If you choose to involve yourself with the endeavor of love, heterosexual [romantic if I may] love that is, you subject your life partially to the element of uncertainty. And you must deal with the consequences. You risk becoming terribly sad upon observing the prospect that this significant other does not love you back, for the chance that that other does love you back and, because of its uncertainty, it makes you even feel better than normal.


This is life. You are the choice-maker. You are manning the machine of your life, and it operates based on you. You are the commander of your army of thoughts. This army functions based on how you order them, organize them, train them, and command them.


There are certain things you can predict, like how your army will make the offensive or react to the enemy, on the defensive. And there are things you can’t predict, like the weather, and sometimes the strategy that will be employed or the magnitude of the army that will be opposing yours. This is speaking metaphorically that is. This is life.

Life has some certainties but also is subject to a degree of uncertainty depending on what you are specifically referring to.


You command your army of thoughts. That is, you control your thoughts, and can relatively certainly predict how they will behave, and how they will react to situations. Though you cannot predict what situations will occur. Thus you base how you want your thoughts to act on past experiences, and when you encounter new experiences you modify your thought patterns to better prepare your for the future.


Take this into consideration, as you flow throughout the rest of your life.


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