The Comfort Zone

November 15, 2009

Everyone knows the feeling of home, where everything is familiar to you and you know exactly what to do to get a laugh or two, for example, lay on that familiar couch and turn the channel to “Who’s Line is it Anyway,” still showing at the same 2 a.m. time as it has 5 years ago when you lived there.

This is the Comfort Zone – the zone that I shall say is dreaded in the context that one wants to advance himself mentally or intellectually. This is the zone where the body is more in control of one’s behavior than the mind is. Everything is familiar, and thus your body takes priority in deciding what you should do based on past experiences.

But the problem is that it leaves you vulnerable, regardless of what you think, to the superfluous opportunities to indulge in pleasureful past times of eating junk food, mindlessly watching television, or browsing the Youtube for hours in a sitting that you have known since childhood.


One way out of this mindset, or might I say “body-set,” is to throw new things at your brain, so that your brain will take precedence over controlling the actions of your body instead of your body doing it. Maybe call an old friend that you have never called for several years, or go for a walk outside that you have never taken before, or do something out of the ordinary – browse some weird website your friend has recommended to you. The point is to do something new so that instead of your body being control, doing the same things you have always done in this dreaded Comfort Zone, your Brain is instead in control. And as a result, you (i.e. your brain), instead of your body will control the way you act, what you do, and how you live (for that day, at least).


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