My Reaction to “The Secret: The Law of Attraction”

November 15, 2009

This was written to be used as a brief personal statement for a couple college applications. Any inconsistencies may be a result of that.


Today was the day that I expanded upon my mission – my mission of improving the person I am. Only recently have I come across an outlook on life so strong as to compel me to take prodigious action upon it. There has been no other time in my life where the results I have gained from adopting such a philosophy have yielded such positive results in such a short matter of time. But because of it, I have adopted it as the foundation of my life – what lets me live the life I want today, while living an even better life the next day.
On Wednesday, November 11th, I completed the movie titled: “The Secret: The Law of Attraction,” and was so profoundly affected by it. It took me a while to finish… only because I was scrambling to jot down every inspiring quote, positive statement, and genuinely soulful comment into my blog to help myself remember its importance.
“The Secret: The Law of Attraction” is a movie that I will never forget. It promotes the idea that if you focus on the good in your life (that is, give your undivided attention to it each and every day), then you attract more of that good, and it, as a result, cancels out the bad.
After watching this movie on Wednesday, I pondered it and let it sink into my mind. The next day, I took action. I printed out a document from the movie’s website. It was a list of numerous things that “I Promise Myself… To do.” I read this list and wondered about the positive results that these promises might entail. I then took hold of this list and taped it onto the front of my CPU so that I would see it and think of it every time I sit down at my computer; and, I did do so the next morning. I sat down at my computer and looked at the list again. “I promise myself… To be so strong that nothing can disturb my peace of mind.” I read it over and over again and let myself absorb this promise into my subconscious mind… “I promise myself to be so strong that nothing can disturb my peace of mind.” At school that day, I applied it; I continually visualized what I was grateful for in the past, which were my straight A’s, and when my classmates had caused unnecessary disturbances during class, I just turned my focus away from them and oriented my focus, instead, towards the teacher. I incorporated this behavior throughout the day and continued to apply it throughout the week. I have become less stressed and more in tune with the progression of life. So it seems: When I think of and visualize good things, I attract more of them to me. These things nourish me, and they fuel my love of living. This beautiful thing called the Law of Attraction… well… It is the way I live my life.


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