The Objective

November 7, 2009

A human being that progresses, with such a large brain capacity, was not put on earth to sit, stagnant, and admire tall buildings or flying vehicles… nor count the pebbles in the sand…

But to always present itself with new ideas, unknown situations, and unique events, so that one may synthesize that information into his understanding of the world and its workings and so that it may function better and make better decisions on the basis of its own acquired judgement.

That is the ultimate goal.

And the more intermixed, and interconnected, and global-scaled a human’s environment becomes, the more emphasis exists on learning new things.

I may live on a tiny island affected by relatively little and exposed to very few perspectives at school, but I can make an effort to see each day in a new shade of light, and see events in a unique way, so that I may incorporate that minute detail into the breadth and depth of my newly synthesized world view.

In other words, I may continually realize that learning does not become obsolete for me; but as I study my physics book, I may one day talk to my professors who explains to me applications in physics in deciding which pair of shoes I should buy, or when I talk to my friend what he should do in a certain situation, I may relay to him applications of ideas learned from studying politics in a government class. Everything is related. So everything you learn today is important. The more you learn, albeit through textbooks, multimedia, or personal experiences, remember that it will become increasingly applicable and important as you journey throughout life, meeting many random people, going to random events and parties, and traveling to random places you would not have predicted.

You never know what applications your learning will have in the future.

With such an unpredictable future, knowledge and understanding should be cherished.


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