Step up to the plate – that is Life.

October 28, 2009

I just realized: I’ve been running away from all my problems.. Instead of facing them and doing what I can to alleviate them.

After all, life is chalk full of problems.: That is what being human is all about. Humans err (period). But it’s how we combat the mistakes we make to produce actual good in the universe. [thus justifying the witticism “To err is human. To forgive is divine.”]

It’s how you react to problems that makes life better or worse than what it would have been otherwise.

And this is a quite pessimistic view. May we not settle also, for a more optimistic one during more hopeful times?:

At times, life may not seem to be “chalk full of problems” as stated above.  There are brighter days in which life is a nice and relaxing stroll in the park.

… Not only is it how you react to problems that make life better or worse than it would be otherwise…. BUT::

It’s also how proactive you are in learning new things or helping other humans that makes life possess a more positive or more negative quality than it would possess otherwise.


And remember if you have an objective: achieving the objective depends greatly on whether or not you’re willing to make the sacrifices that you need to make.


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