Hello world!

June 13, 2009

Hello world, well at this present moment, I am creating my first blog that I’ve ever created. Let’s get started shall we.

Today, the orderly person I am (according to certificate for a virtue award for orderliness I received in 5th grade(?)), I was going through a bunch of different groups of papers I have had from my past. These papers were my school work from 9th, 8th etc. grades.

I’ve found much of my old creative stories, poems, writings, arts, etc… and it’s very interesting. Although some may think it’s a waste of time to go through such old things, not to mention SCHOOL WORK, it actually is very interesting. It’s part of your past, and going through these kinds of things reinforce your memory of your past, reenforcing your conception of time and the type of person you were before, in comparison to how you are today.

Personally, I’ve found that I was a very diligent student. I scored very highly on old assignments. I was also very creative, having a unique drawing to complement each of my spelling tests, the majority of which scored 105% because of the single extra credit word offered for each.

This is just a brief description of what I’ve discovered from a little diversion in this time-revolving world and a little information you can glean about who I am.

Well, I thank you for reading one of the most BOOORRING blog posts you will ever see by me. Lol. Come again and I assure you that my writing will positively be better than this post. XD



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